FOOD: The Best Lil Tea House in Pittsburgh: Spice Island Tea House

Spice Island Tea House
 I do love a good cup of tea!  More so, I love a good cup of tea when it's complimented with amazing food.  Whenever I'm in the mood for a relaxing atmosphere complete with a hot pot of tea, good food, and friendly people, I head over to Oakland (of all places!) to visit one of my favorite restaurants Spice Island Tea House. The tiny tea house on Atwood St. serves delicious Southeast Asian dishes that won't break the bank! Inside is a very warm, positive energy; its bohemian decor, good music (90's music on this particular night), and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff set the mood for a very chill and enjoyable experience.  I usually get the "Ever-Famous Pad Thai" because I believe it is by far the best Pad Thai in the city.  However this time I wanted something different.  So the BF and I chose dishes we've never had before, and I couldn't have been more satisfied! 
Tea of the Day, Soup of the Day and seasonal Dessert menu!
Spice Island also has a pretty lengthy beer and wine list to choose from - behold the bar!, soothing, wonderful tea!  This one is called Young Hyson, a very robust green tea.
Crab meat Spring Rolls
Malaysian Sate Noodle with Seafood
Spicy Laht Nah of Thailand - amazing!!

 Check out Spice Island on Facebook and their website

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