STYLE: Committing Highway Robbery for Vintage Goods

The Southside is by far my favorite place to shop in Pittsburgh.  It has various distinct styles that are displayed up and down E. Carson St like a museum of vintage shops and urban boutiques.  Anytime I look for vintage I head to Southside, to the block between 14th and 15th where you will find Southside monuments like the Beehive and Yesterday's News.  My heart skipped a beat when I found a tiny, warmly lit, well-decorated store front tucked somewhere between Yesterday's News and Decade.  A brand new vintage shop - Highway Robbery Vintage!! The shop is brightly decorated in a bohemian-fun and fearless vibe as Franz Ferdinand plays in the background.  There are racks of 1950's pencils skirts, Mod-cut sweaters, bomber jackets, hippie dresses, and 40's frocks. It is completely wearable vintage without getting too "dress up" looking; the menswear is perfect for any regular "Tee-shirt and jeans" kind of guy - band shirts, flannels,leather jackets, and jeans. It is a vintage shop that celebrates its shoppers with realistic pieces, reasonable prices and a dash of hometown pride.  What better addition to the tiny Vintage District of Southside?

Highway Robbery Vintage
Kate Minton, 26, owner of Highway Robbery Vintage has quite a history in fashion.  She has worked in retail (her last gig being Avalon Exchange in Squirrel Hill), styled for film and television, and worked resale on her own Etsy page.  Not to mention she also holds a degree in fashion merchandising under her sparkly vintage belt.  Kate has always held a special place in her wardrobe for vintage, "Vintage is great because you can pick it piece by piece," says Kate.  She wanted to share her vintage pieces and make it accessible for everyone.
Kate Minton owner of Highway Robbery Vintage. 
Every color you can think of was present in this fun wardrobe.
Vintage Jewlery and Bags serve as an adroable form of decor!
A touch of hometown pride - Kate incorporates vintage home-team sports gear into the mix.
"Jagoff" ring by local designer came along with a collection of like rings and necklaces that say "Dahntahn" and "Yinzer." 
Vintage shoes
Boots and Hats!
I fell in LOVE with this 1970's crocheted dress!
Vintage accessories
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