FOOD: Love at First Bite : PIZZUTTI'S


 The holiday shopping season is in full throttle.  Stores are filled with determined customers eager to find the best deals, the right color, the right size, the right material,  all before 'the big day' - it's easy to get stressed.  Quietly tucked away on a side street off of the busy Shadyside shopping district, is a cozy little spot perfect for taking your mind off the busyness of the season.  PIZZUTTI'S is a hidden gem known for fresh modern updates of classic Italian favorites - think grilled swordfish dishes with veggies in red wine, whole wheat pastas (homemade of course), seasonal desserts, a signature mushroom soup, ravioli and bruschetta of the day. The restaurant is BYOB style so that you may enjoy your favorite wine with your soon-to-be favorite Italian dish -another comforting attribute to this place.  There is a sense of romance about PIZZUTTI'S, perhaps it's the warm dim lighting, or the considerate and friendly waitstaff, the pretty Italian music playing in the background (Christmas songs in Italian), or the happy couples sitting intimately away from each other, conversing, drinking wine and relaxing. In the midst of the holiday season or at any other time, a place like this could truly become a regular escape and it was nice to get away at PIZZUTTI'S!

Susan Pizzutti - Owner

The passionate and very classy Susan Pizzutti, is full of energy and joy as she visits the tables, making friendly conversation with her customers; confident in her food and the experience you will have in her restaurant. She has a very personal relationship with all of the recipes used on the menu; Northern Italian recipes that have been past down through generations. Everything is done with precision and style! By the time the BF and I finished our delicious meals, the dining room was filled with people and small groups waiting to discover and devour a scrumptious PIZZUTTI'S plate. Buon Appetito!

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Lovely Party Room - Find out more about PIZZUTTI'S Party options here.
Bruschetta of the day: Mushroom Garlic Parmesan
BF's Choice: PIZZUTTI'S Spaghetti with a Jumbo Meatball
My Choice:  Chicken Marsala with Fresh cut french fries and braised greens (and can I just say that this was the BEST Chicken Marsala I have ever had!)
Amaretto Biscotti Cake
Apricot Bread Pudding

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