STYLE: Celebrates Fashionable Pittsburgh

Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh can agree, that Pittsburgh is quite a small city both dimensionally and socially.  It narrows down even more when you start to specify interests.  Each interest be it sports, arts, entertainment, service industry and even fashion, have their own tight knit groups that often see each other at the same social outings - which makes for perfect networking!! Pittsburgh's own Racheallee Lacek from, made this come to life with "Fashionable Pittsburgh" - a new "happy hour -style" gathering of all the local Fashion-Heads!  The event paid homage to two local fashion designers Golden Skyy and Elaine Healy, who displayed pieces from their new collection.  The crowd was a wonderful cocktail of local designers, makeup artists, photographers, journalists, bloggers, PR people, agents, models, and boutique owners. It was a successful night of mingling, networking and stylish outfits.  It made me feel so proud to be noted as a part of this very tight knit group in Fashionable Pittsburgh!!

Cruze Lounge crowd
Featured Designers Golden Skyy and Elaine Healy

Couture piece by Golden Skyy
Golden Skyy talks about his inspiration for his newest collection. 
Dress by Elaine Healy
Elaine Healy discusses her collection.
The Lovely Host, Racheallee Lacek from Style
Sophisticated Evening Look
Nancy Kay from Nancy Kay Designs
Anna Bender 

Jonano owner &designer Bonnie Siefers

Makeup Artist Katherine Reel
Lauren Doyle and Martin Potoczny
Photographer Robert Hester prepares for his next shot
Bella Capelli Academy leader and advisors Desiree Powell and Megan Graham

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