EVENTS: Maniac Magazine's Pure White Party

Some people declare Memorial Day as the official beginning of the "White-Wearing"season.  But in Pittsburgh, it's Maniac Magazine's Annual Pure White Party that kicks it off!  This year, Maniac partnered with Lexus of North Hills to dedicate the White Party to raising awareness and funds for A Child's Place at Mercy - a local charity in the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System.  The event was held on May 11th at the uber-modern and very sleek Smart House in Mt. Washington.

The Smart House

Among friends and familiar faces, the stylish crowd in their ethereal attire enjoyed an open bar with a signature drink featuring Don Q liquor,  delicious snacks from Mercurio's, Vollazi's, Donato's and Dozen Cupcakes, and a silent auction chalk-full of goodies from local vendors.  The White Party always includes a fashion show featuring the newest boutiques in the area, this year it featured looks from Boutique La Passarelle and Reflect Apparel. As the evening got underway, the up-and-coming NYC band The Yes Way performed followed by an amazing DJ who got the party pumped and ready to hit the dance floor! It was the event of the season and should NOT be missed next year!  

Makeup by the talented Josh Rudy 
Krista Jee Baxter from Harmony Salon 
Maniac Models!! 

The Fashion Show \
"Is that the Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 Crochet Dress??"..... Oh yes. It is! 
The Dance Floor!

A very photogenic event! 
The Yes Way 

Martin Potoczny from Visivo Visual Design 
The Fire Pit 

Brittany Hoydich and Jesse from The Yes Way 

Maniac Girls!! From left: Brittany Hoydich, April Hubal, Kim Nederlof, and yours truly. 

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