CULTURE: 10 Things To Do During the Holidays in Pittsburgh

The holidays are in full effect, so don't let the cold weather get you down!  There are tons of festive, fun and affordable things to do for the holidays in Pittsburgh.  Bundle up, grad your buddies, your significant other or the kids, and explore the city during the holidays.  Here are ten awesome ways to enjoy the holidays in Pittsburgh!  Hope yours is wonderful!!

PPG Plaza ( Post Gazette)

The official kickoff to the holiday season starts this weekend on Friday, November 16th, with the 52th Annual Light Up Night.  The entire downtown area dazzles in lights as the city celebrates the holidays with the lighting of the PPG Plaza tree and other areas downtown, followed by performances by locals artists on three different stages, and of course a spectacular firework show.  This two-day showcase is free and open to the public and holds as one of the largest events in Pittsburgh.  Click here for more details. 

Pittsburgh Seasonal Parade ( Post Gazette) 
It's not the holidays without a parade full of beautiful floats and performers. As a continuation of the Downtown Pittsburgh Light Up Night weekend, the festivities continue with First Holiday Saturday on November 17thBottom Dollar Foods' Sounds of the Season parade presents marching bands, horse-drawn carriages and plenty of entertainment.  More details and parade map here.


Small Business Saturday and Holiday Shop +Rock
Support local business in Shadyside on November 24th for Small Business Saturday - a national event sponsored by American Express to help promote small businesses during the notorious "Black Friday" weekend.  70 + small businesses on Walnut, Ellsworth and South Highland, will have treats, refreshments and tons of deals throughout the day.  Also check out Holiday Shop + Rock on Walnut St. November 30th, for the official Walnut St. light up night and block party featuring Donora and Radio Tokyo, followed by a Shadyside fashion show.  Find out more info about these events here.

People's Gas Holiday Market (
From November 24 - December 23, the People's Gas Holiday Market is a traditional German-style market inspired by the Christkindlemarkt of 1545 in Nuremberg, that turns Market Square into an illuminated village of wooden chalets full of vendors selling authentic gift items from around the world.  A variety of performers, dance groups, choirs and carolers  keep the festive feeling alive throughout the day. Not mention frequent visits from Mr. Clause himself.  Grab a cup of hot cocoa and get lost in this Christmas village.  Find out more information here

Sharron Needles (Photo by: Jeremy Kost

Break away from the usual boring holiday shindigs and come party like a superstar as local celeb and RuPaul's Drag Race winner Sharron Needles finds out who's naughty or nice on December 1st at the Naughty or Nice Holiday  Bash. Mix and mingle with your friends and be sure to check out the special exhibition Jeremy Kost: Friends with Benefits.  For tickets and more info click here

The Holiday Promenade on Walnut
Immerse yourself in Pittsburgh's art scene as Continuum Dance Theater and Evolve Productions  presents The Holiday Promenade - a collaboration of dance, fashion food and art all in one.  On December 2, at Nadia Salon, sashion and dance blend as local designers showcase their latest wears inspired by Continuum Dance Theater's recently debuted performance work THE MOVEMENT. Stick around for the Chinese auction featuring tons of amazing goodies and enjoy delicious homemade treats at the bake sale and order your holiday goodies!  There's a little something for everyone!  For tickets and more info click HERE

Find all your holiday gifts at the I Made It! Market in Bakery Square December 8th, which features tons of local vendors specializing in gifts, ornaments, holiday cards and more! Santa makes a pit stop here too so bring the kids!  Plus a beer garden by Tapped!  Click here for more info.

Looking for a cool date n'at? Check out City Theater's South Side Stories by Tami Dixon.  From now until December 16th, this one woman show of monolouges portrays the life of the neighborhood through stories of mischief, the steel mills and local hauntings.  Get ready to hear some stories about the 'Burgh!  Click here for tickets and more info.  

PPG Ice Skating Rink (livejournal
What are the holidays in the city without ice skating in the heart of downtown?  The rink surrounds the 60 ft PPG Christmas tree and is surrounded by the beautiful glass PPG building creating a gorgeous spectacle.  Skate rentals are available as well as a concession stand for snacks and warm drinks. Bring the kids, your friends or a date, no matter what, this always is a fun time! For information on hours, admission prices and special events click here.  

First Night Puppet Parade (trustarts

Ring in the New Year at Highmark's First Night in Downtown.  It's a celebration of Pittsburgh's culture and arts.  Downtown becomes alive with live performances, the traditional puppet parade, and of the countdown into the new year!  This event is free and open to the public!  Click here for more information.  

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