Top 10 Local Places to Shop in Pittsburgh for the Holidays


The holidays are here! Have you started your holiday shopping? For some of us, the idea of shopping at  large corporate stores with their "big blowout deals" and cookie-cutter products is such a bore.  Why not get your loved ones something unique while supporting local businesses?  There are tons of places to shop in Pittsburgh without having to step foot in a mall or department store. There's a little something for everyone around the city, you just have to look!  Here are 15 ideas on where to shop for the holidays in Pittsburgh!  Happy Holidays!


Practically a one-stop shop, Wildcard has everything from jewelry to stationary, t-shirts, craft supplies, original art, cards and some pretty amazing wrapping paper!  Located in Lawrenceville, Wildcard also serves as a local gallery space.  If you're looking for unique cards and wrapping paper, this is the place to go! 

EONS (Post Gazette)

Attention all vintage junkies!!!  EONS is vintage heaven!!!  Give the gift of nostalgia; this Shadyside store has fantastic dresses, hats, shoes, uniforms, coats, and more dating all the way back to the 30's.  Surprise your loved one with an awesome pill-box hat, a gorgeous broach or an authentic 50's pencil skirt. They even have some great things for men like authentic leather jackets, silk ties and cowboy shirts.

Thick Bikes (Justin Merriman Photography)

I'm seeing more and more bikes around the city lately, why not support the movement and the local shops that make it happen?  This Southside bike shop specializes in repairs and custom-made bike parts.  So if someone you're shopping for needs a new frame or is looking for some new handlebars for their ride, Thick Bikes has you covered!  

Decade (Midnight Guru
This loft-styled storefront is great for graphic tees, hoodies, jeans, interesting prints, and dresses.  Decade is the epitome of street wear; it has a cool urban edge with a little bit of a west coast twist.  It's a little skater, a little hipster and completely cool!  

Dozen Bake Shop Cupcakes (Cupcakestakethecake)

Great for an office party or a super sweet hostess gift, Dozen Bakeshop is the cupcake capital of Pittsburgh!  With unique and mouth-watering flavors like cosmo, east end chocolate stout and elvis (peanut butter and banana), and in vegan options as well, it's a gift that everyone can enjoy!  Not only can you get delisious one-of-a-kind cupcakes, but they also have amazing brownies, rice crispie treats and fruit tarts.  Check out their menu and order HERE.  

Jerry's Records

Today, music can be acquired in a matter of seconds, but there's something about putting it on vinyl and hearing the "real deal."  If you're shopping for a music lover, find out what kind of music they love and then hit up Jerry's Records to find some original, lightly used, amazing records. Located in Squirell Hill, Jerry's Records is one of the biggest record stores in the country!  It has thousands of records to choose from and listening stations to test them out.  Check out Jerry's Records HERE and also check out The PGH Look's photo shoot in Jerry's Records HERE


Want to find them something that no one else is wearing?  Pavement has unique and very cute things: dresses, tops, pants, and really great shoes!  Pavement is located on Butler St. in oh-so-cool Lawrenceville and carries names like local designer Kelly Lane, Popomono, Splendid and Feather. Check out Pavement for cute pieces to add to their wardrobe.  Take a look at our photo shoot that features Pavement clothing

Slacker (Pittsburgh Signs)

Need a present that ROCKS? This edgy shop has great t-shirts, kinky lingerie, posters, incense, piercing gear, and more!  Located in Southside, Slacker is known for it's gritty edge and fun attitude.  It's a great place to get something fun and lighthearted, or maybe even a little naughty.  Check out Slacker HERE


If you need something for an outdoorsy, adventurous type, why not check out a local army-navy surplus store?  Broadway Army Navy Surplus on Liberty Ave in Downtown has everything for all their hiking, camping, shooting, and other venturesome needs.  

Wusthof Mincing Set (In the Kitchen)

Give the gift of delicious-ness!  In the Kitchen, is an independently owned store in the Strip District specializing in unique and innovative cooking appliances.  Get your loved one a the newest,coolest gadget to make their cooking experience just a little more special.  Find great kitchen appliances HERE

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