Top 5: Best Places for Asian Food

Happy Tuesday!! I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes me crave Asian food- maybe it's watching the ending scene of A Christmas Story that does it? Either way, I have found some truly amazing Asian restaurants in Pittsburgh ranging from Chinese to Thai, Japanese to Malaysian.  Whether you're the type who doesn't like to venture too far away from egg rolls and fried rice, or if you're the type who is looking for something new and adventurous,  Pittsburgh holds some true gems when it comes to Asian food.  Try one of these places for your next lunch outing or dinner date and you won't be disappointed. Here are my Top 5!

Pittsburgh to Plate
Sushi Too
This is hands down my favorite place for sushi in Pittsburgh! Located on Walnut St. in Shadyside, Sushi Too has an amazing and friendly staff, the place is always clean, the fish is very fresh, and they have an awesome bento box lunch special!
Try:  Any lunch special (ton of food), Fantasy Roll, Sunshine Roll, Fresh Salmon Roll, Eel Roll and Tofu Skin Pockets.

Spicy Laht Nah of Thailand 
Spice Island Tea House 
If you are looking for a quiet, dimly lit, intimate place with a delicious menu, this is the place.  And of all places, it's located in the Pittsburgh college party capital - Atwood St. in Oakland.  Spice Island has a very peaceful and almost zen-like atmosphere with a unique and clever menu. You get a TON of food for what you pay for and they even have a beer and wine list. Try to make reservations, it gets quite packed!
Try: Anything on the tea menu, The Ever Famous Pad Thai (actual name on menu), Lemongrass Beef, Fish Cakes, Java Fried Rice and Spicy Laht Nah of Thailand


New Dumpling House 
I love that when you come to New Dumpling House, they greet you with a complimentary pot of hot tea, tempura crackers, and sometimes garlic cucumbers (give it a try!).  So as you pillage through their extensive menu of sushi, Chinese dishes, noodle soups, and of course dumplings, you have a little something to munch on. Whenever I go here, I order the fried chicken dumplings and some sushi to share- and believe me that's enough!  This is a great place to take a large group of people who want to try a little bit of everything.
Try: Green Fuji Maki, White Fish & Mint Leaf with Spicy Fish Roe Roll, Fried Chicken Dumplings, and Eel Udon.
Visit: View their Menu - Click Here
Bangkok Balcony
Probably one of the most attractive restaurants I've seen in Pittsburgh, Bangkok Balcony overlooks the busy shopping area on Forbes in Squirrel Hill.  They have great salads and wonderful curries to choose from.  Great place for a date!
Try: Satay Chicken, Lemongrass Shrimp Salad, and Chicken Mussaman Curry

Food Collage
Lulu's Noodles
This is a fun, loud and colorful atmosphere!  Also located in an area packed with hungry college students, Lulu's Noodles is on Craig St in Oakland.  Lulu's seems to have the best prices out of all these places, with the most amount of food. This was the first place where I tried a bubble tea, as well as an authentic version of ramen soup that beats the stuff in a package any day! Order your food at the counter, take a number and get ready to enjoy some of the best noodles in the Burgh!
Try: A bubble tea (any flavor will do), Classic Lo Mein, Ramen Soup, Moo Shu Pork (can be substituted with any meat or tofu).
Visit: View their menu - Click here
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