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2012 was the year for experimenting; fun colors that ombred and "rainbowed", interesting patterns, opposing hemlines, teased out bedroom hair and impractical  "ghost" heels.  We have definitely reached a futuristic plateau as far as fashion goes.  However, in the midst of our futuristic fashion voyage, we have somewhat lost a sense of class and elegance.  That is why 2013 must the year that we polish our shoes, comb our hair, bust out the classic jewelry and get dressed up again.  You know, the kind of head turning, jaw dropping, glittering glamour like they had back in the "good ol' days" of the 1920's.

 The 20's were very much a revolutionary period in fashion history, much like the phase we're going through now. Coco Chanel released her line of chic jersey jumpers with eye-popping hemlines and tomboyish waistlines, the girls bobbed their hair, wore lipstick and smoked cigarettes. It was all about breaking rules and having fun in an economically harsh time - and isn't that what we're all about now?  So where did the flappers, gangsters, guys and dolls go for a good time back in the day?  To the Speakeasy of course - and that's exactly where we decided to have our shoot this time.

A secluded space used as storage space for decades, the Speakeasy has been restored into its former historic glory. In true 1920s tradition, Pittsburgh's only Speakeasy is tucked beneath the hotel lobby on the William Penn Level within the depths of the Omni.  “We are very excited to showcase another aspect of this hotel’s history to our guests and patrons” said Eric DeStefano, general manager of the Omni William Penn Hotel.  “The intimacy and classic beauty of the Speakeasy provides another unique venue for our guests to enjoy.”

The elegantly nostalgic and intimate space will feature exclusive elixirs such as Absinthe, along with other classic cocktails of the era. Innovative drinks with classic roots are the stars of the menu—from the Blood and Sand to the Light’s Out martini, and, of course, an Old Fashioned. The full bar includes top-shelf aged scotch and bourbon, smooth enough to delight any gangster.  Fourteen fine wines, ranging from California to Bordeaux, finish off the menu. Guys and dolls accustomed to Omni’s superior service will not be disappointed, as bartenders clad in nostalgic garb from the age of jazz provide service beyond expectations. 

Visually, the Speakeasy references the noir era with plush scarlet seating surrounded by lavish flocked wall covering, topped by a tin roof remains true to Pittsburgh’s classic elegance and prohibition discretion. Dark and sensual, cozy and private —Speakeasy is the ultimate urban getaway.  

Teal Beaded Dress by Parker ($374)

Black Pearl Cocktail Dress by Alice + Olivia ($495)

Black Flapper Dress by Alice + Olivia ($396)

Black Fur Coat by Alice + Olivia ($597), Jazzlyn Dress by Elizabeth and James ($363)

Silver Gown by Teri John ($950)

Grey Flapper Dress by Parker ($308)


Robert Tre Hester III

This is my 4th photo shoot with Robert and he never fails to bring so much charisma and creativity to the shoot.  He is always inspiring me and constantly encouraging me to do my best.  I LOVE working with Robert.  Check out Robert's website HERE

Hair and Makeup
Josh Rudy

Josh works miracles!  He can whip up a hair do and build your face in a matter of minutes!  He is always coming up with wonderful ideas and we have such a great chemistry together.  Josh's schedule keeps getting more full with shoots and fashion shows so be sure to get a hold of him quick if you need his services!

Allyn Lewis
Allyn Lewis is 22 years old.  She is quite the local celebrity in Pittsburgh!  She's been in tons of fashion shows and local photo shoots.  Check out here fan page HERE.  

Maria Evankovich
Maria is 16, she has modeled for Glady's Magazine, Carlisle's Bridal of Pittsburgh Fashion Show, and tons of other shoots and shows in the Pittsburgh area.  

Tori Mistick
When Tori Mistick isn't modeling, she also works for the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce, as well as runs her own business called Marketing With Style.  She is an entrepreneur at its finest and loads of fun to work with on set! 

                 All clothing was provided by E.B. Pepper - A VERY Special Thank You!!!
Check out their blog:

A VERY Special Thank You to the Omni William Penn Hotel for allowing us to use Speakeasy for the day!!!

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