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I know, I've been MIA.  I'm finally getting the hang of this new job, schedule, and lack of sleep (not to mention this crappy weather).  But, I haven't forgotten you Pittsburgh!  It's getting to that point where it's the end of Winter (or so it should be), everyone is getting antsy, and we all just want to shed our winter layers and get out and have fun!  But don't forget, what comes after the snow and below freezing temperatures?  RAIN! So what can we do to cure our cabin fever but keep warm and dry at the same time? Why not get lost in one of the city's eclectic little bookstores? Curl up on a bean bag chair, sip your latte and read something you haven't read in a while (today is National Children's Book Day), or perhaps something you've been wanting to read (I still haven't hopped on the "50 Shades Band Wagon").  Here are my top 5 favorite bookstores in the city!

Awesome Books

With two "awesome" locations (Garfield and Downtown) carried a variety of authors, genres, and interests.  It's a great place to pick up a book on a topic you're interested in learning about.  Stop into one of their artsy spots and come out just a tad more awesome than you already are.  Click HERE for hours and details.

Eljay's Books


Once located in the Southside (now in Dormont), Eljay's books is known for carrying some pretty weird stuff! They hold an interesting collection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and a variety of cookbooks.  Come feed your inner geek!  Hours and more HERE.

Caliban Book Shop

So much more than just a book shop, Caliban Book Shop in Oakland carries thousands of used and rare books, they buy, sell and appraise, and also carry things like autographs, photos, printed materials, and original art.  It's the quintessential college town book store!  Check out Caliban HERE!

The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe

Where bike punks and feminists unite! This is a bookstore that has something to say - The Big Idea strives to provide material that is socially-positive, humanitarian and promotes community (and they have great coffee).  Stop in for a yummy vegan wrap and read up on some of the most important issues in our society today!  You may leave feeling like you can change the world (and you can!).

Mystery Lovers Bookstore

For all you Sherlocks and Nancy Drews, there's a special place just for you in Oakmont: the Mystery Lover's Bookstore!!  They are one of the largest mystery book stores in the country and hold thousands of titles, authors and categories.  Get your looking glasses out and sneek into Mystery Lover's Bookstore! Click HERE for hours and details!

East End Book Exchange

As one of the city's newest bookstores, the East End Book Exchange is winning the hearts of Pittsburgh's book worms.  They carry everything from espionage to poetry and everything in between!  They want to be your friendly neighborhood bookstore, won't you be their neighbor?
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