The First Post

Hello!  Welcome to The Pittsburgh Look!  You're probably thinking...what is she talking about, Pittsburgh doesn't have a look.  Well dear reader, we in fact do.  This blog is meant to uncover the style underneath all the black and gold.  I will be taking street style shots, interviewing local boutiques, restaurants, independent artists and designers, and attending local events, giving coverage on the Pittsburgh I know and love - and it doesn't involve football!!  I hope you like my blog and that it gives you the feeling that you do live in a great city with stylish people and fun things to do.  And for those not in Pittsburgh, I hope this gives you a great perspective of our city, and shows you that we are so much more than our winning sport teams.  Browse, write to me, click away, enjoy, repeat....

On the walk from work to class . . . 

Roberto Clemente bridge from the Andy Warhol bridge
Multiple Neutrals
Biker Chic
Red Boots
The Navajo Look
Chevron dress and Edie Sedgewick hair!
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