ART: Wildcard presents SUPERS***S: Art from the Staff of The Andy Warhol Museum


During the 60's, Andy Warhol made hundreds of films, screen tests, and other forms of art with the help of his entourage made up of glamor girls, starving artists, poets, models, actors, and drag queens - a unique clique of people he called his "Superstars." Though these Superstars were a less than aristocratic or ultra-famous group of people, they were certainly very unique from the other and fabulous in their own way. Andy and his group of Superstars created a whole movement known as "Pop." As the sixties ended, Andy and his Superstars parted ways one by one and left their footprint in art history, forever.

Warhol and some of the Superstars
 Now, most of Warhol's work and clues as to what life was like when he and the Superstars took over the art world in 60's, is all neatly organized and chronologically ordered at The Andy Warhol Museum. Known as one of the biggest tourist attractions Pittsburgh has to offer, the museum is home to seven floors of Warhol's work and also includes work by modern artists that are conducive to what Warhol had done during his life.  I had the pleasure of working as a Gallery Attendant (GA - as we call them) at the museum for a little over 2 years. While working there I met the most interesting group of people I've ever known. Each of them had a unique "something" about them, all so talented,creative and quite fashionable.  We were a group of about 10 - 15 people all hired to appreciate, communicate, and protect Warhol's work and then by night, artists ourselves.  Some of us paint, some collage, some screen print, others photograph, and some of us just observe and record. 
SUPERS***S show at Wildcard
What better way to express the parallelism between the GAs and the Superstars, than an art show featuring work by the GAs? The show opened last week at Wildcard in Lawrenceville, titled SUPERS***S, so not to be mistaken with the actual Superstars and left for a little naughty interpretation.  SUPERS***S features art by Warhol Gallery Attendants (and past GAs): Adrienne Rozzi, Joel Brown, Matthew Robinson, Erin Phillips, Ryan Emmett, Katie Watson, and Kathleen Guzowski.

Curator Elliot McNally
Wildcard focuses on art by local artists and crafters.  Not only does it act as a great gallery space, but it also sells stationary, clothing, bags, jewelery, trinkets, gift wrapping supplies and interesting baubles.
Photographer Matthew Robinson
Screen printer and artist Adrienne Rozzi.

......and her amazing shoes!
Surrealist collager Joel Brown
Collages by Joel Brown
A good crowd for the opening!
Artist Erin Phillips
Artist Kathleen Guzowski
Wildcard is located at 4209 Butler St. Come see the SUPERS***S gallery and this amazing shop!

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