EVENTS: New Year's Eve at Free Ride

Free Ride New Year's Eve Party 2011
It's always the same debate when it comes to New Year's Eve - do I stay in or do I go out? Though the idea of having a quiet evening at home, alongside your closest loved one, with a soft buzz before midnight sounds lovely, there's always that fire in the belly urge to go out and have a crazy, awesome, unforgettable (well maybe forgettable but still awesome) time! Especially on a night where for at least 10 seconds, everyone is in the same tempo and waiting for the same thing to happen - then's a new year!  This time I wanted something fun, a little different, and most importantly to be celebrated with great people. 
Artwork by Danny Devine
Free Ride's bicycle warehouse proved to be a large and creative space for a dance party,bar, and taco stand, all provided by local up and comer's Nikita Beniaminov, Sara Vi Cious, Mark Lang and Stefan Timov. The proceeds went to charitable causes including a donation to help support G20 prisoners and Children's Heartlink.    A long list of DJ's spun with their very broad spectrum of tastes; spacerap, cumbia, reggaeton, funk, throwback, dancehall, russian ska, house and hip-hop. The party was a melting pot of styles, cultures and relationships coming together in a dizzying blur of enjoyment. "It was an awesome time, everyone seemed to be having fun," said event organizer Nikita Beniaminov.  The New Year's Eve Soiree at Free Ride is certainly a party to be talked about all throughout 2012...

The Crowd
The Hip and Ultra-Chic, DJ and Event Organizer Sara Vi Cious
Party People
Bicycles Everywhere!!
Boris (the BF) and Mike

Badass Bombshell look
Me and my lil Bro! 
LOVE the sheer skirt over the tights!
Winter Glam
The Color for 2012: A shock of Blue
All photography for this blog was taken by guest photographer Ashley Laird (check out her awesome blog!)  Thanks Ash!!!

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