MUSIC: Meeting of Important People Release New Album with Kickstarter Campaign

Meeting of Important People
Meeting of Important People (MOIP) is set to release a new album, but first it needs to be recorded!  To do this, they are seeking the support of their fellow fans and community with the Kickerstarter Campaign. The campaign allows the community to donate money towards the recording, mixing, mastering, and production of the album.  In return, there are a plethora of interesting rewards depending on your pledge level - such as a personalized Valentine's Day song, a fish stick dinner, music video memorabilia, and of course a copy of the album.

The album -- which is nameless as of now, but the band is thinking something somewhat of a "fake Flaming Lips title" like "My Ears Are Having a Heart Attack" -- is said to be their most mature work yet.  MOIP started out about 5 years ago as somewhat of a "joke band" -- which included current lead man Josh Verbanets, Matt Miller, and Jeremy Diehl -- they had a very garage-band sound, but in 2007 things got serious when bassist Aaron Bubenheim joined.  According to Verbanets, Aaron wasn't originally a bassist, but he mastered it and "became an amazing musician."  Now, the band has figured out how to sound more dynamic and has graduated from its garage rock days into a new "percussive, textured, and groove-like sound mixed with a little 90's rock." 

When MOIP was just starting out, their lyrics were songs written years ago by Verbanets that talked mostly about a youthful, weird suburban life. This new album promises a more adult-like tone; songs about love, community and friends.  Their Pittsburgh fan-base plays a huge role in MOIP's history.  Their shows are always jam packed with friendly faces ready to have a good time! MOIP holds very strong friendships with other local bands such as Lohio, Donora, Delicious Pastries, Nik & The Central Plains, and Boca Chica.  The pairing of any of these local bands with MOIP is a recipe for an amazing, fun, energetic show.

"It's the best community for local music," says Verbanets.  He commented on how the bands are all very different sound-wise, but its the focusing on songs rather than style that's more important.  Lately, MOIP has been playing with the new and upcoming local band The Whiskey Holler.  "They're the youngest hardest working band around," says Verbanets.  MOIP will be playing a show this Saturday (Feb 4th)  with Boca Chica at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville. 

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