15 Amazing Animal Photos

Animal photography is regarded as one of the more challenging forms of photography. As well as needing sound technical skills, such as being able to expose correctly, wildlife photographers generally need good field craft skills. For example, some animals are difficult to approach and thus a knowledge of the animal's behavior is needed in order to be able to predict their actions. Photographing some species may require stalking skills or the use of a hide/blind for concealment. Animal photography refers to a wide range of wildlife and nature photography devoted to displaying photos and close-ups of various animals, birds and species. Animal photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the wildlife photo than other photography genres. Here are some examples of amazing animal photos.

Atlantic Puffin Pair photos
Atlantic Puffin Pair at Machias Seal Island , Maine
Baby Bonnet Macaque picture
Baby Bonnet Macaque with mother
Beluga Whales photos
Beluga Whales , karelia , russia
Giraffe at Okaukuejo waterhole, Namibia
Giraffe at Okaukuejo waterhole, Namibia
Hine's Emerald Dragonfly
Hine's Emerald Dragonfly
Humpback Whales in Sunlit Water at French Polynesia
Humpback Whales
Pink Katydid
Pink Katydid
photography of rhino
Rhino at kaziranga national park, India
Sands at the Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia
pictures of snow monkey
show macaque ( snow monkey ), Jigokudani , Yaenkoen Park , Japan
Skuas and King Shag
Skuas and King Shag at falkland island
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey
amazing animal photos
blurred birds in mr.vernon, washington
Blurred birds
Steller Sea Lion underwater photography at Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada
Steller Sea Lion at Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada
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