STYLE: Girl Power: JAZMEEN brings "The Lady" back for Fall 2012

     Just when I thought summer's boho-futuristic looks - with its flowing sheer skirts and mermaid colored ombre-hair - was going to tragically bleed into the fall/winter season, along came JAZMEEN.  The launch of fashion designer, Jazmin Jackson's line JAZMEEN, promises cleaner silhouettes and a more refined look for the colder seasons.  JAZMEEN's Fall 2012 collection steer's clear of the past season's loose grungy looks and reestablishes a very novel idea - dressing like a lady.

    The Fall 2012 collection is all about old school nostalgia, bold colors and embracing the female figure.  Crayon colored flared pants took the runway with skin tight turtle necks and groovy silk blouses for a sexy retro-working girl vibe. Flirty high-waisted pencil dresses and a charming classic a-lined dress - a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Facemade a sassy debut for the fall.  The collection is timeless, fun, elegant and sensible for the professional girl.

    Jazmin Jackson, 26, is orginally from Goldsboro, NC.  "living in the country down south pretty much forces you to either have an imagination and make your own adventures, or die of boredom."  Jazmin was taught by her grandmother how to sew and the rest is fashion history! Now she is a powerhouse business woman with her mind focused on quality and originality. In an interview with Jazmin, I found out how passionate she is about her line and how important the cut, style, and feel of the clothing are to the JAZMEEN line. Her next move is an online store!

Jazmin Jackson 
ThePGHLook: How would you describe your line of clothing?

Jazmin Jackson: JAZMEEN designs for the woman who’s not afraid of bold prints and color and enjoys highlighting the silhouette of her womanly figure, all-the-while, maintaining a look that’s timeless.  JAZMEEN is redefining contemporary sophistication for women with curves. I specialize in dresses and pants catered to curvy women of various sizes. I incorporate luxurious fabrics with bold prints and rich colors to flattering lines and silhouettes, focusing on making women feel good about themselves. Sophisticated and youthful, the line embodies self confidence with an effortless vibe. 

TPL: Who or what inspires your collection? 

JJ1960s minimalist and 1970s flared and relaxed silhouettes have always struck a chord with me. I love seeing women who are smart and confident dress superbly sharp and I’ve always been more drawn to women whose sex appeal is still very evident while their clothes continue to leave much to the imagination. The cinematic and personal styles of Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Aaliyah, and of course First Lady Michelle Obama always tickle the fancy of my aesthetic. Graphic art and tribal motifs always inspire me in creating new imprinted fabrics.

TPL:    How do you feel you have evolved as a fashion designer since you began?

JJ: Learning how to pace myself and edit my collection. I have so many ideas that I would love to unfold all at once but as a business woman I’m trying to be wise and build my business at a steady pace. My main priority is making clothes that women enjoy wearing and feel confident in. Whenever I design, I make sure the clothes make a statement in a tasteful manner while flattering the woman.

TPL: What do you see for the future of your line?

JJ: Throwing bi-annual fashion shows and shopping lunches and building my fashion house with in-house pattern makers, seamstresses, and a media team. I would also love to link up with high school student artists in collaboration of creating prints with a portion of profits going toward a scholarship fund to attend college.

TPL: How do you feel about the Pittsburgh fashion scene?

JJI’m excited to be a part of the Pittsburgh fashion scene. It’s a new and budding scene compared to many cities in the United States. My line definitely stands out in regards to Pittsburgh fashion, which I feel is heavily focused on artsy and avant garde aesthetics. With JAZMEEN, every-day career women can feel comfortable and confident wearing my clothes for almost any occasion and still feel glamorous and fashion-forward.

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